Ready to Go Bundles

Perfect for any sized family

A BUNDLE is intended to be a predefined monthly supply of beef, chicken, eggs, seasonal greens, and maple syrup. The quantities of the items were determined by ladies in our Family as a convenience to your Family!


100% Grass-fed, Grass-Finished

Our delectable beef products are raised exclusively on 100% grass; NEVER any grain! The beef has a sweet and savory flavor that only grass, clean soils, and water can give.



Pasture Raised

Providence Farms chickens are raised on pasture for most of their life. The birds have access to good, healthy, growing pasture plants and insects as part of their natural diet.


USDA Certified Organic Pasture Raised

Providence Farms layers are raised on pasture for most of their life. The exposure to growing pasture plants, fresh air, sunshine, and roasted organic feed make for the most golden yokes you’ll find!


Maple Syrup


Providence Farms 100% Maple Syrup is truly a delight. Evaporated down from 50 gallons to 1 with our Silver Lake Maple Products evaporator, it is made using Sugar Maple tree sap right here on the farm between late January and early March!




Farm Updates